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A Rainy Day Adventure: Capturing Precious Moments at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with the Andrew family for an extended family session, a departure from their usual tradition of JCPenney studio portraits. This session, initiated by the family matriarch, Grandma Sharon, turned into a memorable experience due to unexpected weather twists and a last-minute change of location.

Sharon typically took her grandchildren to the JCPenney studio each year for birthday photos. This time, she yearned for something different and special. Our original plan was to capture golden hour photos on her family property, but unpredictable weather thwarted our intentions.

Undeterred, we rescheduled the session for December, hoping for clearer skies. However, our second attempt was also met with rain. Instead of letting the weather dampen our spirits, we decided to seek shelter indoors. Thankfully, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania graciously allowed us to take our photos inside their captivating venue.

On the chosen day, Sharon and her husband, Barry, joined me in the museum's lobby, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son and daughters' families. With a grand total of nine people, including adults, teens, and children, our mission was to capture the essence of this multigenerational family in a unique setting.

Like many men and teenagers, the men and children were initially apprehensive about the photo session. However, recognizing the significance of the occasion and their desire to make Grandma happy, the family members warmed up to the idea. As we ventured deeper into the museum, the fascinating trains and displays provided a perfect backdrop for our indoor session.

One delightful surprise during the shoot was the involvement of a museum employee who guided us through the exhibits, offering special access to climb on and inside some of the historic train cars. This unexpected privilege added an element of excitement to the session, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

As everyone acclimated to the camera, we captured heartwarming photos of the entire family, smaller family groups, and individual portraits of each grandchild. The unique indoor setting brought out a different side of my photography, showcasing the family's genuine interactions against the backdrop of the museum's treasures.

While indoor photography might not be my usual forte, this session proved to be a welcome change from the typical outdoor park scenery. Despite living just a few miles from the museum for most of my life, this opportunity allowed me to explore a local gem that had eluded me until then.

In the world of family photography, adaptability is key. The Andrew family's willingness to be flexible and embrace an unexpected solution to weather and scheduling challenges turned what could have been a disappointment into a day filled with smiles, exploration, and cherished memories. As a photographer, I am grateful for clients like the Andrews, who remind me that sometimes, the best moments happen when we least expect them.

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