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If you still rock out to boy bands, pop punk, and early 2000's hits a little too loud in the car...

If you find yourself wondering what happened to the bottom half of all the shirts at the mall but you're excited flare jeans are back...

If the idea of brunch and a stroll through Target or Home Goods is way more exciting than a night out....

If your idea of a good date night involves take out and a movie on the couch in your sweatpants...

If you're looking for someone to capture this season of your life in a meaningful way that you will treasure forever...

You're in the right place

WELCOME, friend!

i'm tasha she/her

I am a family & portrait photographer who specializes in natural light and color. I love serving joyful people who are looking for someone to capture their lives today so they can be treasured forever. All days and seasons are important and special in their own way. I love to tell your story in a fun and relaxed way. 

I love bright and bold colors. We painted our entire house white and black so that I could fill it up with beautiful and colorful pillows, rugs, and blankets. I'm a pretty big fan of colorful characters too.

I love dogs, all of them. I will stop and talk to a dog before I would ever approach another human. And my daughter is following suit. P.S. Please include dogs in your sessions!

I love Halloween. I think Halloween is the most creative time of the year. I love making costumes from scratch and decorating our home. But also October weather, colors, and outfits are the best! 

I'm an introvert and an empath. I feel a lot. I can't handle seeing someone else having strong emotions, it just cuts right into me, so I cry. At every golden buzzer, every 4 chair turn, every first place announcement, even at commercials, and especially at movies. It all just wells up inside of me and has to get out. According to internet personality tests I am: Pisces sun with Aries moon, Capricorn rising (An Intuitive Personality), INFP (The Mediator), Enneagram 6 wing 5 (The Guardian).

Above all, I'm a wife and a mom. They are the most fulfilling (and sometimes hardest) jobs I've ever had. I can't imagine what my life would be like without my little family. And, God willing, I'll never have to know.

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I work full time as a graphic designer for a high end antique auction house


Lancaster County Native

Kutztown University Graduate - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography and a minor in Art History, graduated Magna Cum Laude

Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania Graduate - Associate of Specialized Technology, Graphic Design

Gilmore girls, One Tree Hill, and Nashville are my most watched TV shows


I love Jesus, my family, exploring new places, kitschy kitchen gadgets, Disney movies, autumn leaves, and the beach

Want to know more about my creative journey and where it all began? Click here

this is us

My husband, Angel, and I met while working at Dutch Wonderland in the retail & games department. He told his friends that I was the one on the day we met. I however, needed a little more convincing. After many long days and late nights working in the park together, we grew a strong friendship that blossomed into more. 

We got married on a rainy Tuesday in 2015 on our 5 year anniversary with only our closest friends and family beside us. He makes me laugh every day and brings so much light to our lives.

We work really well together. In fact, we have worked together at 3 different jobs (and various side hustles) over the last 12 years. Sometimes side by side and sometimes across the building from one another but we love it!

Our daughter, Estella, is a true life sour patch kid lately. A threenager through and through. She is fiercely independent and has the most infectious laugh. 

Our son, Marino, is the sweetest little guy. He goes with the flow and is just so full of joy and laughter. We can't wait to see his personality blossom.

We share our home with our 2 pomeranians, Alexi and Mavis, who always make us feel loved and important. 

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