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Finding the Perfect Backdrop: A Natural Light Photographer's Guide to Choosing the Ideal Location

As a natural light photographer, capturing the essence of my clients against the backdrop of nature is not just a preference but a passion. The beauty of our home state serves as an endless canvas for my work, and I am always eager to explore new locations that showcase the natural wonders that surround us. In this blog, I want to share some insights into how I choose the perfect location for a photo session, and why open-air environments are my first choice.

Embracing the Divine Light of Golden Hour

One of the primary reasons I favor outdoor, open-air environments is the enchanting light they offer, particularly during golden hour. The soft, warm tones that characterize this magical time of day add a touch of ethereal beauty to every photograph. Shooting in wide-open natural spaces allows me to harness this divine light, creating images that are not only visually stunning but also filled with a natural warmth that complements the personality of my clients.

Exploring New Horizons Together

While I have my go-to locations that have proven to be spectacular in the past, I always encourage clients to think outside the box. Consider unique places that may be off-limits to others, such as private estates, family farms, or secret gardens. You might be surprised at the hidden gems within your personal and professional network or even on property rental sites like Airbnb. Remember, you never know until you ask, and some of the most incredible photo sessions have taken place in unexpected places.

Turning Dreams into Reality

If you have a specific location in mind or have seen a session of mine that resonated with you, don't hesitate to let me know. I'm always up for an adventure and can tailor the session to your preferences. While my standard travel time is within 15 miles of 17522, I'm more than willing to explore beyond this radius. For locations outside this area, a travel fee will be applied to account for the additional time and effort invested in scouting locations and conducting longer sessions.

Destination Sessions: Making Memories Beyond State Borders

If you've always dreamed of having your photos taken in a destination outside of Pennsylvania, we can make it happen. If our schedules align, and I'm already in or near your dream location, let's coordinate and create magic together. Alternatively, if you have a specific destination in mind where I don't have prior plans to visit, just let me know, and I'll provide you with a custom quote.

In conclusion, the perfect location sets the stage for timeless photographs. Whether we're capturing the beauty of our home state or venturing beyond its borders, I'm dedicated to making your vision a reality. Let's embark on this creative journey together, exploring the boundless possibilities that nature has to offer.

If you're new here, welcome to Tasha Skye Creative, your go-to destination for exquisite family and portrait photography coupled with top-notch graphic design services. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Lancaster County, PA, I specialize in capturing authentic moments in a bright and bold manner.

As a passionate family and portrait photographer, I take pride in freezing those precious moments that tell your unique story. Through my lens, I aim to highlight the genuine essence of people, creating visually stunning images that resonate with authenticity.

If you're ready to elevate your moments and create lasting memories, I invite you to book a session with Tasha Skye Creative. Simply navigate to my website at and fill out the contact form. Let's embark on a creative journey together, turning your ideas into vibrant, tangible realities.

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