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A Heartfelt Extended Family Session at Lititz Historical Foundation Garden

As a family photographer, every session is a unique story waiting to be told through the lens. I recently had the privilege of capturing the Huggard family's extended family session at the enchanting Lititz Historical Foundation Garden. This was not my first time working with the Huggards; I had previously photographed mini sessions with Brittany, her husband, and their daughter, which always left me with a warm feeling of connection.

One standout member of the family is Brittany's daughter, Savannah. This vivacious young lady, with her boundless energy and creative spirit, has become a familiar face in front of my camera. I always look forward to our interactions, not only because of her radiant personality but also because of the wonderful ideas she brings to each session. Savannah's beauty is not only skin deep; it radiates from within, making her a joy to photograph.

This extended family session, however, brought new faces into the frame. Brittany had gifted her parents a family session for Christmas, and I was eager to meet the entire clan. Alongside Brittany, Savannah, and her immediate family, I had the pleasure of photographing her parents, brother, and even her grandparents. The prospect of capturing the dynamics of a larger family, spanning multiple generations, excited me.

Our original photo date had been thwarted by rain, and life threw an unexpected curveball when a family member contracted COVID. The Huggards faced this challenge with resilience and understanding, opting to reschedule rather than compromise the health and safety of their loved ones. When the day finally arrived, it greeted us with unseasonably warm weather, almost on the cusp of an autumn sweat.

The morning of the session brought heartbreaking news; the Huggard family had to bid farewell to their beloved dog. Despite the heaviness in their hearts, Brittany and her family chose to persevere and honor their commitment to the session. My admiration for their strength and determination grew as I received Brittany's text, sharing the poignant news. They chose to carry on, embracing the opportunity to capture moments of togetherness and support during a difficult time.

As we began our session, the garden provided a picturesque backdrop of historic architecture intertwined with the natural beauty of fall. Despite the weight of recent events, the Huggard family exuded love and unity. Savannah, usually the epitome of exuberance, displayed a gentler side as she graciously assisted her great-grandparents. Her thoughtful gestures, helping them to a bench and ensuring their comfort, showcased the beautiful bond between generations.

The session unfolded like a tapestry of emotions – from subdued moments of reflection to bursts of laughter that echoed through the garden. The warmth of the autumn sun seemed to mirror the love and resilience that surrounded this family. As a photographer, I felt privileged to be a witness to their strength, capturing not just smiles but the unspoken connections that bind families together.

In the face of loss and challenges, the family's decision to proceed with the session was a testament to their belief in the power of family and the enduring spirit of love. The Lititz Historical Foundation Garden became the canvas for a chapter in their family story – a chapter marked by resilience, love, and the unwavering bond that weathers life's storms.

In the click of the shutter, I captured not just a family portrait but a testament to the beauty that emerges when families come together, supporting each other through the highs and lows of life. The Huggard family, with their strength and love, turned a simple photo session into a celebration of life, memories, and the enduring power of family bonds.

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