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"The Scary One": First Boo-Day Party

Marino was due on Halloween and as a planner, I was already dreaming up his first birthday party before he was even born. Because he arrived early we still wanted to go for a Halloween-esque theme but also something for Estella too (a combo party of sorts). So I put together a couple ideas and let Estella choose her favorite.

We have a big love of Disney and Pixar in our house so, we ended up going with a Monsters Inc. inspired celebration and I couldn't be happier with the results! This was such a fun theme for me to design. The colors were everything. And my kiddos made the cutest Mike Wazowski and Boo.

Welcome to Monsters Incorporated

One thing we continue to do each year is taking a photo of each family grouping for my kid's photo albums. I took a photo of each family alone and holding Marino. This is my favorite first photo album and we now have one for each child. Estella regularly gets out her photo album and looks through the photos of our family and I love to see how everyone has grown each year. It's also a really great way to help your kids associate the faces and names and who belongs in each family grouping. I also included a print out of each family photo in thank you cards so each family can have their own photo for a frame or fridge or whatever.

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