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Supporting our community and giving back to a family in need.

who are the hofferts

Bret and Amanda Hoffert in front of the ocean

The Hofferts are members of our local community who endured a life changing tragedy in March 2023.

Amanda Hoffert, a mother of 4, CV grad, and award winning labor and delivery nurse at Women and Babies Hospital, lost her life in a tragic ATV accident.

Her husband, Bret, was flown to a local hospital to be treated for serious injuries he sustained from the crash. He is now home and working hard at physical therapy and taking time with his family.

Their 4 young children and families have had to navigate A LOT of changes this year. 

Photo procured from Amanda's Facebook page

I first met Amanda (more affectionately known as 'Panda') in middle school. She had just moved here from California and was quickly welcomed into our student body. We shared a study hall with her cousin, who I've practically known since birth. The three of us would spend the class period chatting about life and school and trying to stifle our laughter (we were supposed to be studying after all). Over the years, Amanda became an energetic and enthusiastic presence in our class. We attended school dances and tailgate parties together with our other classmates and friends.

Although we did not keep in touch after graduation, I loved watching her family grow via social media. Her wedding and the birth of her children. I remember when one of her children was born (I think it was her daughter) she announced the birth and seemingly straight away took off for a beach vacation with the rest of her family like some kind of Super Woman (I could barely get off the couch after having my kids). One post that particularly touc
hed me was the announcement of her surrogacy journey in 2021. She recounts the long and heartbreaking journey of IVF and finally becoming pregnant and delivering a sweet baby girl to a loving family. Tears come to my eyes even now. There is no doubt that her surrogacy journey made her an even better labor and delivery nurse, able to empathize, empower, and relate to her patients in a whole new way. 


When I heard the news of Amanda's passing, I couldn't believe it. To be honest, it rocked me. I couldn't wrap my head around how something like this could even happen. She's so young and vibrant. She's a mom of young kids. How would life go on as "normal" when this family was just ripped apart at the seams? What about her husband who is now a widowed father and fighting for his life in a hospital hours from home? What about his emotional pain and grief? I still have these questions without answers but somehow this family continues to push forward. And for me, someone who did not keep in touch or have a current relationship with Amanda, to feel these feelings and heartache so hard - I cannot even fathom what it is like for those who were close to her. 

When I think of the term “full of life”, I think of Amanda. I’m so thankful for our season of friendship. The laughter and stories we shared all those years ago. She was such a bright light, warm and kind, and so fun. And you only need to flip through social media to see the ways she's still showing up for friends and family in songs, books, and through their children (who knew so many pandas would reveal themselves to all of us).

It's really overwhelming to see how the entire community/county has rallied around the Hoffert family to do whatever they can to help and support them. CV Alumni, her fellow nurses, local businesses - Amanda and her family touched the lives of SO MANY PEOPLE. Stories of her kindness and warmth continue to be shared by the community who loved her so very much still to this day. It’s a true testament to the type of people the Hofferts are. Salt of the Earth. To know them is to love them. 


The Hofferts will need more and more support in the coming months and even years as we continue to pray for Bret's recovery, their children, their families, friends, and colleagues. See how you can help in the messages below.

supporting the hofferts

We truly never know when our time on Earth is through. What's left behind becomes invaluable to those you love.

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Join me in the beautiful all-white studio at SUPPLY in Manheim for a unique experience capturing timeless black-and-white portraits that showcase your true personality. Show off your silly, wild, and wonderful self while supporting a local family! 
A portion of the proceeds will go to #HoffertStrong

If you feel so inclined to give extra to this family, I'm happy to collect gift cards or other donations at the time of your photo session and deliver them to the family. You can see online giving options below.

other ways to help

Amanda and Bret Hoffert with their kids standing in front of the ocean

Photo procured from Amanda's Facebook page

With 4 active children who are heavily involved in extracurriculars, a home, pets, therapy and medical treatments, general life expenses, and bills - monetary gifts make the biggest impact.

Friends and family have set up a Venmo account and GoFundMe for digital donations. They are happy to receive gift cards as well. Gift cards for groceries and food would be most beneficial.

The Hofferts friends, family, and community continue to come up with new ways to help. In the past they've done a guest bartender event, a softball tournament, a cornhole tournament, Hoffert Family Fun Day, yard sales, and so much more! These events are typically shared on social media by friends and family. You can easily find related posts by searching for their hashtag #HoffertStrong

thank you

for helping me rally around this incredible family

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