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First Bee-Day Party

I realized when I started to put together the blog post from Estella's second birthday party that I never detailed her first birthday party!

It was so fun to go back in time a little and relive this party.

For Estella's first birthday we went with a Bee-Day theme. From the time she was very little, I started calling her my honey girl. I'm not really sure where it came from but it stuck for me. Then, around 6 months old, she seemed like she was gravitating toward yellow colored toys and things. The bee theme just seemed to fit for her and it was a lot of fun to design.

I can share some links at the end for recipes and party supplies.

One thing we decided to do at the party was to get a photo of each family grouping for my daughter's first photo album. I took a photo of each family alone and holding Estella. I purchased this album for her on Amazon. And after her party, I added photos of each family grouping with their names along the bottom. She loved to flip through the pages to see her family members and I really think it helped her to associate the faces and names, especially when she wasn't allowed to be around a lot of them for the second half of her first year due to Covid-19. I also included a print out of each family photo in the thank you cards we sent out so everyone could have their own photo for a frame or fridge.

We have since decided to do this every year. Already at her second birthday it's so fun to look back on how much the other kids have grown and changed from the year before. And it also gives everyone the opportunity for an updated photo for themselves and with Estella.

Here are just a couple photos from her first birthDAY too.

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