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Summer Freedom

Green Phase! We are emerging from our homes, bleary eyed and skeptical. We are re-entering the work force and socializing for the first time in months. Being a mom to a little one, I'm being more cautious then maybe necessary, but it feels good to get out.

Last weekend we took Estella out "in public" for the first time since March. We went to the beach for the day with our families and we were so excited to see her experience it for the first time. I've been hoping and praying that Estella wouldn't miss out on a beach experience this summer because of COVID-19. My husband and I LOVE the beach and we have been hoping that she would love the water and the beach as much as us.

Turns out, she does! This little girl is a fish, just like her mom and dad. I think she would have stayed in the water all day if we let her.

Here are some images of my beautiful water baby enjoying the beach for the first time.

We hope you're able to get out and relax a bit this summer. I think we could all benefit from releasing some tension and soak up some vitamin D.

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