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So Thankful in 2021

I wanted to share a little bit about my photography journey so that you can understand how thankful I really am for this past year.

I became interested in photography my sophomore year of high school. It became the concentration for my senior AP art course and later became my concentration for my Bachelor degree in college. I interned with a well known Lancaster wedding photographer my last semester in college. I loved everything about taking photos, developing and editing them. But I didn't know how I could make a career of it.

The market is so saturated. And it only becomes more so when better technology becomes available at lower prices. Phones take amazing photos now, there's even a TV show about it, and even entry level cameras blow my first cameras out of the water. But the camera is not what makes the photographer, it's just a tool we use much like a paint brush.

And then, there's the self confidence. I never felt like my work was good enough to take people's money (if I'm being honest, I still struggle with that part) and I didn't feel confident enough to put myself out there. But in reality, the only way to learn and grow is to be uncomfortable and do it anyway.

I majored in photography in school. I interned with one of the best in my area. I took a number of online courses and was always trying to learn more. I did photography as a hobby for years! Taking only 1 or 2 sessions a year. Those butterflies in my stomach before a session made me want to bail every time. Then, I would come home and pick apart what I did wrong and recount all the mistakes I made.

Then, one day I saw a post online. It said:

Wow! It was like a punch in the gut. So, I posted about it and I got one session from that post.

In the following months I took a lot of photos of my daughter. I practiced my editing style and learned more about my craft. By the time fall came around, I knew I wanted to get back out there. I posted about my availability and booked 8 full sessions. I was ecstatic that people trusted me and wanted to hire me!

I came across a really cool old truck and thought about how amazing it would look decorated in beautiful jewel tones for Christmas portraits. My husband pushed me to reach out to the owner and make it happen. So, I hosted my first ever mini sessions and I got to serve 9 families for holiday photos.

After that, I decided to really go for it. Around this exact time last year, I connected with a local businessman and got my LLC set up. I got a tax ID number and a business banking account. And well, this is my first official year in business!

In 2021, I've been able to serve over 60 families, couples, and individuals through full sessions and mini sessions. I've learned A LOT and I'm still tweaking my process. But all in all I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who has hired me, cheered me on, interacted with my social media posts, talked to me about photography. I'm really just blown away!

So, all that to say - I'll be back next year for sure!

December through March are not great times for outdoor photos (unless you love the cold) but I'm available for in home lifestyle sessions, greenhouse/indoor sessions, as well as snow sessions if we get any pretty snow. And I'm ready to tackle next year when the winds start to warm. If you have a session in mind (or a date in mind), it's not too early to reach out and set something up. I also have gift certificates available if you want to gift a session to someone.

Also, if you're holding back because of imposter syndrome or fear of failing or low self confidence - this is your sign to take the plunge! There are tons of people out there willing to raise you up and support and challenge you. You got this! There is enough room for all of us. No one else in the world has the same vision as you and that's what sets us all apart.

Tasha Skye Creative is a family and lifestyle photographer and graphic designer based in Lancaster County, PA. We welcome all bright, bold, and authentic people.

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