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A Journey from Art Education to Capturing Time: My Story as a Family Photographer

From a young age, my heart belonged to art. Craft kits and art supplies filled my Christmas and birthday wishes, laying the foundation for a lifelong passion. High school was a canvas for my exploration, diving into various mediums and methods. Although I started as an art education major in college, the politics of public education led me to transfer to a fine art major with a focus on photography.

Hours in darkrooms, digital labs, and exploring color film marked my artistic journey. Art history became a companion, unveiling the evolution of trends that shaped the art we cherish today. My college finale was an internship with a local wedding photographer, a transformative experience that broadened my skills and unveiled the intricacies of the photography business.

While student loans loomed, I pivoted toward graphic design, earning an associate degree in a fast-tracked program (as I juggled work at an amusement park and a restaurant and sporadically taking on photography gigs). After graduating, I began a job at a high-end antique auction house allowed me to merge visual arts, type, and photography, crafting stunning auction catalogs that double as art books.

The birth of my first child in 2019 ignited a flame in me. I came across a quote that inspired me. It said "There are people less qualified than you, doing the things you want to do, simply because they decide to believe in themselves." In the wake of COVID-19, I officially launched Tasha Skye Creative LLC, combining photography and graphic design. No longer fearing failure, I embraced new challenges.

With three years under my belt, my business thrives. Countless podcast listens and education courses later and heaps of mistakes to learn from, I celebrate not only the clients I serve but the essence of each life I freeze in time. As a mom, I truly understand the fleeting moments, and my goal is to encapsulate the unique beauty of every family that steps in front of my lens.

To those who have trusted and supported my journey, thank you. I look forward to another year of serving incredible clients and freezing more cherished moments. Here's to capturing the beauty of life, one snapshot at a time!

Experience the artistry of Tasha Skye Creative, where moments come to life through the lens of a passionate family and portrait photographer & graphic designer, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Lancaster County, PA. Discover the beauty of authentic connections illuminated in a vibrant and bold style. Ready to transform your moments into timeless memories? Explore the possibilities and book your session by completing the contact form on the official website:

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