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Silly Ghost Friends: A Spooky Adventure at Thomas P. Grater Community Park

October is my favorite time of the year, and as a family photographer, I always look for creative ways to capture the spirit of the season. This year, I decided to turn the traditional Halloween photo shoot on its head by inviting two of my husband's coworkers to become the stars of my spooktacular session. The result? Silly Ghost Friends at Thomas P. Grater Community Park in Ephrata, PA.

The inspiration behind this session came from the delightful trend of people dressing up in sheets and embracing their inner ghosts. I had been itching to bring this light-hearted and silly concept to life through my lens, and when I pitched the idea to my husband's coworkers, they excitedly agreed to join the ghostly adventure.

Our rendezvous at the park was filled with laughter, creativity, and a touch of mischief. Armed with white sheets and scissors, we got to work cutting out those classic ghostly eye holes. As we transformed into ethereal beings, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation – we were about to embark on a Halloween-themed escapade like no other.

The chosen location, Thomas P. Grater Community Park, provided the perfect backdrop for our spirited shenanigans. The vibrant fall foliage and the charming playground became our playground as we unleashed our inner children. The session wasn't just about capturing images; it was about creating memories, having fun, and celebrating the joy of friendship.

The laughter was contagious as we played on swings, climbed the jungle gym, and floated around the park, our ghostly sheets billowing in the autumn breeze. Passersby couldn't help but join in on the fun, and soon enough, our impromptu ghostly performance became a mini spectacle for everyone at the park.

One of the beautiful aspects of family photography is the ability to freeze moments of genuine connection and joy. Silly Ghost Friends turned out to be more than just a photo session; it was an experience that brought people together, even if just for a fleeting moment.

As a photographer, I've captured countless heartfelt family moments, but I can honestly say that this session stands out as one of the most enjoyable and memorable. There's something magical about embracing the silliness of the season, and through these images, I hope to spread the infectious joy we experienced that day.

This session was intentionally designed as a lighthearted venture to create content for social media in October. However, it became much more – a cherished memory, a bucket list item fulfilled, and a testament to the boundless creativity that can be infused into family photography.

Spooky season might come and go, but the laughter, camaraderie, and silliness captured in Silly Ghost Friends will live on as a reminder of the magic that happens when friends come together for a good time. Here's to embracing the playful spirit of Halloween and creating memories that linger long after the last pumpkin has been carved.

Tasha Skye Creative is a family and portrait photographer & graphic designer based in Lancaster County, PA. Capturing authentic people in a bright and bold way. If you're interested in booking a session, please fill out the contact form on my website.

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