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Unveiling the Unconventional: A Creative Family Photoshoot at Mickey's Black Box in Lititz, PA

Capturing moments that transcend the ordinary is the essence of family photography, and my recent experience with Laura and her beautiful family took this concept to a whole new level. When Laura approached me with a vision for "edgy" family photos, I was excited to embark on a creative journey that would push the boundaries of conventional family portraits. 

The challenge lay in translating Laura's desire for uniqueness into visual storytelling. We dove into a brainstorming session, exploring ideas that would infuse an element of rebellion and creativity into their family photos. Laura, her boyfriend, and her two daughters were ready to break free from the traditional mold and embrace a more unconventional approach. 

Our canvas for this creative venture became Mickey's Black Box, a vibrant music venue nestled in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Known for its eclectic atmosphere and rocker vibes, it served as the perfect backdrop for the edgy family photos Laura envisioned. The juxtaposition of family warmth against the more urban, artistic backdrop set the stage for a photoshoot unlike any other. 

As we arrived at the location, I could feel the nervous energy and enthusiasm from each family member. The challenge was to capture the essence of their unique bonds while incorporating the edgy and unconventional elements they craved. Creative angles, unexpected poses, and the dynamic use of lighting became my tools to craft a series of images that defied the norm. 

Mickey's Black Box provided an array of intriguing settings, from black metal walls to industrial staircases and loading dock doors, each contributing to the overall edgy aesthetic. The venue's unconventional charm seamlessly complemented the family's desire for something out of the ordinary. 

One of the highlights of the photoshoot was capturing the individual relationships within the family. Each child and each adult had their moment in the spotlight, showcasing the distinct dynamics that make their bond special. The edginess was not just in the surroundings but also in the genuine connections that unfolded before my lens. 

Stretching my creative muscles, I experimented with composition and perspective, pushing the boundaries of traditional family photography. The result was a collection of images that told a story of rebellion, love, and the beauty found in embracing the unconventional. 

In the end, the journey to create these unique family photos was as fulfilling as the final images themselves. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and a shared vision. Laura and her family not only received a set of extraordinary photos but also became part of a creative process that celebrated the essence of who they are as a family. 

This experience reminded me of the limitless possibilities within family photography when we dare to step outside the familiar and embrace the unexpected. It's a reminder that, sometimes, the most beautiful moments are found when we are willing to color outside the lines.

Tasha Skye Creative is a family and portrait photographer & graphic designer based in Lancaster County, PA. Capturing authentic people in a bright and bold way. If you're interested in booking a session, please fill out the contact form on my website.

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