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Merry & Bright Christmas Mini Sessions in Paradise, PA

It was early October when I saw her, Bertha. The most perfect blue truck for Christmas photos! I had just finished booking sessions every Saturday from the beginning of October through end of November and I had no idea when I would have the time to squeeze in some Christmas mini sessions but I just had to ask.

I sent a message to Bertha's owner and asked if I might be able to use her for some Christmas photos. He so generously said yes, and I immediately began planning and prepping.

You see, I've always loved old cars and old trucks. I'm also a huge fan of color. My own vehicle is actually a very similar color to Bertha. I've collected colorful Christmas décor for years whenever I could find it. And I knew exactly how to style her.

All the stars aligned for us. We had permission, we had interest, and we had one open date. The weather was perfect, we evaded another shut down, and we executed Christmas minis and a safe and fun way! I mean, I had fun at least.

So here they are! Our first Christmas mini sessions and Bertha stealing the show.

The Snyder Family

Amber is the truck owner's daughter. She and her family graciously stepped in for my test shots a few days before the mini sessions were scheduled.

It's a good thing too because they welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world on Thanksgiving day! They are such a precious family! Congratulations and thank you.

The Ream Family

I've known Becky since we worked together at Dutch Wonderland. Now she's all grown up, married and a mom, and I couldn't be more proud of her and happy for her!

Riley and Mason weren't too sure about having photos taken. They warmed up when they got to play with our little comet stuffy and our ornament pillows.

The Hinerdeer Family

For the past few years, the Hinerdeers (or as we call them in our house, Nan & Pop-pa) have gone to a department store for Christmas portraits. But this year with Covid restrictions, it seemed like kind of a hassle. And if you know them, you know they like to take Max along whenever possible.

I had a time slot open and asked if they'd want to come for some photos and they said yes! I love being able to help out my family whenever I can and it was so nice to see their smiling faces!

The Forrester Ladies

Liz had to cancel their fall session due to a basketball injury (her daughter's) so I was excited to have them participate in the Christmas Minis.

Patrick wasn't too sure about having photos taken but doesn't he look so cute with his girls?

The Gaver Girls

MaryAnn, Lilah, and Rachel showed up in the perfect colors! They had such great posing ideas and were complete naturals!

The Painter Family

The Painters were gifted a free session when a giveaway winner could not participate. They were so much fun and have such great smiles.

And you have to check out their Instagram, @PainterPine, for some really cool wooden earrings that their son, Luke, makes! They would be perfect stocking stuffers for any women you still need to shop for.

Nick & Aubrey

Aubrey wanted some Christmas photos that included their dog, Maesie, and I was so happy to have them all. Maesie girl is the sweetest and just so darn beautiful. And I've known Nick since second grade so this was a special session for me too!

The Tully Family

For the last slot of the day, the Tullys came ready for that sunset light. Their twin boys, Anakin and Oliver, were so polite and well behaved and so much fun!

The Geggs

As a wrap for the day, Grandma and Pop brought my little one for some pictures.

And we were even able to have my nephew (assistant for the day) to snap a family photo for me! I just want to say thank you so much to all the families who joined us this year. And to Tom for allowing us to use his truck and property!

I had a lot of fun and I'm definitely interested in doing some mini sessions again next year! Would you be interested?

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