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Maslowski Wedding Reception at Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve in Phoenixville, PA

Covid couples, I feel for you! It has been a wild ride for all of us this past year.

Like many of the couples who planned to marry in 2020, Diane and Anthony had to change their wedding date 3 times due to Covid 19 restrictions. They ended up having a private ceremony with family and then chose to have a reception later for all the rest of their vaccinated friends and family.

I was so honored when Diane asked me to capture some couple and family photos at their reception. Diane has been such a light and a joy from the time I met her. My husband and I both had the distinct pleasure of working with her at Dutch Wonderland and getting to experience her joy and energy for years. She was my Friday stuffed crust pizza date, my Santa's helper, my organizational companion, and so much more!

Most people may not know this but in my last semester in college I interned with one of the best (in my humble opinions) wedding photographers in Lancaster County. I got to go along on engagement sessions, consultations, and so many weddings! I learned so much from my time with her and I'm so grateful that she took a chance on me and let me tag along for a season. I've shot a handful of weddings myself but typically stick to the more intimate setting of family and couple sessions. But when Diane asked me to take some special photographs for them, how could I say no?! I dusted off my wedding working shoes, went over all my notes, and got to work!

The amount of joy on everyone's faces was enough to make the whole day worth it. Diane and Tony are such fun and loving people. It was a complete honor to be part of their day. We were greeted by what the bride called "an irresponsible amount of food", an outdoor spot with lawn games, and tons of smiles. At the end of the night the couple shared a "first scoop" of ice cream from the Penn State creamery.

The groom prefers not to be shown on the website but here are some photos of the beautiful bride!

Tasha Skye Creative is a family and lifestyle photographer and graphic designer based in Lancaster County, PA. We welcome all bright, bold, and authentic people.

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