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The Houck's Maternity Session at Landis Woods Park in Lancaster, PA

I've been keeping this secret for a few months now and it's been tough! They've announced on social media so now I get to share all their beautiful photos with you!

I met Heather and Andy about 11 years ago, when they were still in high school! That's right, high school sweetheart alert! They were always such caring, upbeat, friendly, and FUN people. When Heather reached out to me about take maternity photos for them, I smiled from ear to ear. How could I say no?!

We met up at Landis Woods Trail and chased that sunlight through the trees. We had beautiful weather and the most special golden light!

You can already tell that Andy is going to be a wonderful father. The way he attended to Heather during our whole session, carrying bags and asking if he could help with anything. It's clear to see their devotion and excitement over this season of life. And Heather was just as fun as I remembered. She is going to be such a fun and nurturing mom! You two are amazing and your little baby is going to be so blessed to have you as his or her parents.

I hope this baby gets your fun loving spirit, your devotion to each other and to God, and Andy's happy nose crinkle. Congratulations you guys!

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