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A Rainy Day Full of Family Love: Capturing Precious Moments at Speedwell Forge Lake in Lititz, PA

As a family photographer, my heart lies in capturing the beautiful connections and cherished memories of families of all kinds. Recently, I had the joy of photographing an extended family session that truly highlighted the essence of togetherness, resilience, and love.

This session was particularly special as it involved an out-of-state daughter visiting her family for the weekend. Knowing how precious this time was, the family decided to seize the opportunity to create lasting memories with the grandparents and a cousin. After weeks of planning, we chose the picturesque Speedwell Forge Lake in Lititz, PA, as the perfect backdrop for their photos.

Leading up to our session, we kept a close eye on the weather forecast. It seemed to flip-flop daily, adding a bit of suspense to our carefully laid plans. On the day of the shoot, the skies decided to open up, and we were met with a light drizzle. But this family was undeterred. With umbrellas in hand and a spirit of adventure, they embraced the rain and created some truly magical moments.

We found cover under the lush trees and made the most of the beautiful, soft light that the overcast sky provided. The kids had a blast splashing in puddles, while the adults shared laughter and stories under their umbrellas. The grandparents, who radiated warmth and love, were the heart of the session, their smiles brightening up the gray day.

Despite the weather, the session was filled with joy and connection. The rain added a unique touch, making the photos even more special and memorable. It was a testament to the family's resilience and their unwavering bond, reminding us all that sometimes the best memories are made when we embrace the unexpected.

I am beyond grateful for moments and memories like these that I get to capture for families. They remind me why I do what I do and fill my heart with so much joy. If you're looking to create some beautiful memories of your own, rain or shine, reach out to me. Let's capture the love, laughter, and unique story of your family together.

Thank you for sharing in this wonderful experience with me. Until next time, keep creating and cherishing those precious moments.


Tasha Skye

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