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7 weeks today: Our Story

You might be surprised to find out that this is our rainbow baby.

Here is our story.

We became pregnant in June of 2018. We got our Big Fat Positive on June 26th. We were thrilled but we decided to wait until week 12 to tell anyone because we know the statistics and we know plenty of people who lost their first child.

We had our first appointment on July 28 where they confirmed my pregnancy and set up my blood draw. But they weren’t able to find a vein to draw my blood so they said they would try again at the next appointment. My ultrasound was scheduled for July 30, two days later.

I was 9 weeks exactly when we had our first ultrasound but our baby was only measuring 6 weeks + 3 days and they weren't able to find a heartbeat. They told me that the baby's heartbeat only becomes visible at 6 weeks. They wanted me to come back in one week in case I had calculated wrong (I knew I hadn't) and they would look for the heart beat again.

We went for another ultrasound August 7 where again they couldn't find the heartbeat and the baby was measuring even smaller. I didn't have any bleeding or cramping of any kind so they called it a missed miscarried.

We were ushered off to a smaller gray room where we were told to wait for someone to come talk to us. We waited for what seemed like ages when the doctor finally arrived. He told us in no uncertain terms that our baby was gone and I had two options. (1) I could wait for my body to miscarry naturally or (2) I could schedule a surgery to have our baby removed.

Because it had already been 3 weeks and my body wasn't doing anything, I decided that the surgery (D&C) was my best option. In a whirlwind of papers and office shuffling, I was taken into surgery within the hour. I was put under, baby removed, woken up, and sent home before dinner.

It was an extremely emotional day to say the least. We chose not to tell anyone until we were ready to announce a successful pregnancy. We would have loved the support and we know everyone would have been extremely helpful and understanding but we didn't want to feel the pressure of everyone knowing we were trying, in case we had more trouble. I mean, people have been asking us when we're going to have kids for the past 7 years.

So, that is our confession. It was heartbreaking and a huge struggle but we held onto each other and dove head first into fixing up our new home. We had settlement on August 17th and kept ourselves very busy there.

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