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7+1: Our First Appointment

Man was I nervous going into today!

We had our first doctor appointment this pregnancy. We met with our midwife to confirm the pregnancy and got to schedule appointments for bloodwork and an ultrasound.

I was able to get a bloodwork appointment right away. It took a little while because they can never seem to find any of my veins. They finally got one but left me with 3 wicked bruises.

We came back about three hours later for our ultrasound.

We got to see our tiny baby, only the size of a lady bug.

According to my calculations we should be 7 weeks + 1 day pregnant. Baby measured in at 6 weeks + 4 days and we got to see the tiny flutter of the heartbeat. 121 bpm! The ultrasound technician said that we would keep my original due date for the time being.

Our next appointment is February 18th, where we will hopefully get to hear the baby's heartbeat again.

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