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28+4: Blessed Baby Shower & Father's Day

We had a wonderful time at our baby shower yesterday and celebrating our dads (and moms) today on Father's Day.

We want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to celebrate with us at our baby shower. Everything was beautiful and great. We want to especially thank our sisters: Amber, Edna, & Kate, and our moms: Juanita, Michele, & Vickie for all the hard work they put into planning and executing our party. We were very blessed with nice weather and a fun location. We feel overwhelmed by all the well wishes, prayers, and gifts we've received for baby girl. She is well loved and cared for already.

Today, on Father's Day and our mom's birthdays, we had a little cookout at our home. We again feel so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving people who get along so well with each other. Angel got to work his new grill and we got to enjoy some down time.

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