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20 weeks today: Scary Morning

We had a very scary morning today.

I woke up around 5am with really bad stomach cramps. I thought it was indigestion (TMI) so I went to the bathroom. While I was sitting down, the pain just kept intensifying, and I just kept praying to save my baby, let this be a passing thing.

I could feel the sense that I was about to pass out (I have vasovagal syncope and am accustomed to this feeling) so I put my head between my hands, near my knees. Next thing I know I'm waking up, face down, in the bathtub. The shower curtain is ripped down around me and there is blood near the drain.

I got up, out of the tub. The blood was coming from my nose. I checked my face in the mirror and it looked fine. Nothing hurt, except a little of the cramps.

I hear Angel from the bedroom, "Are you okay?". I told him I didn't know and walked out of the bathroom. I'm sure it was scary for him to see me with blood all over my shirt and arms, ghostly pale. I told him what happened and we decided to call the doctor first thing.

I was feeling a lot better by this point so I sat down in bed (propped up by pillows) to try to slow my breathing, calm myself, and pray more. When I felt the dizziness leaving, I did lay down and sleep for about an hour. When I woke up again, I was feeling much better.

The doctor office doesn't take calls before 8am (as we found out when I had my fever). We decided to go to work and just see if they could fit us in at all during the day. I called the doctor at 8am and was transferred to a nurse. I explained what had happened. I blacked out and didn't know if I had hit my stomach, I had hit my head on the faucet though. I didn't have anymore cramping or bleeding.

The nurse put me on hold to talk to a doctor. She came back and said regarding the pregnancy and the baby, they felt everything was fine. She said I should see my family doctor to check my head injury. I felt discouraged and told Angel. I told him to just pray that everything was okay and that I would feel some movement to reassure me.

The same nurse called me back around 9:30 and said that the doctor told her to call and ask if I wanted to come in and hear the heartbeat. Of course we did!

So, we went to the doctors office at 11. We listened to the heartbeat. The midwife said it was a healthy 143, perfectly normal, and that we didn't have to worry any longer.

Our next appointment is on Monday, April 22, where we will confirm our anatomy scan, see the heart chambers, the spine, and everything else. We're still praying for a happy and healthy baby who is progressing on schedule. After this appointment, we will be making a formal announcement on social media so that everyone will be able to share in our joy!

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