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18+2: Gender Predictions

So, I thought it would be fun to compare some old wive's tales before we find out the baby's gender. Here goes nothing.

1. Chinese Gender Prediction Chart = boy

2. Feel of your skin - dry skin says boy (although I typically have dry skin all year round and even worse in the winter)

3. The glow - I'm not seeing one and no one has commented on one so that means girl

4. Acne - due to my recent breakouts we're saying girl for this one as well

5. Hair - hair is pretty much the same as before, dry scalp and kind of dull which also means girl

6. Body hair - I've seen no change here = girl

7. Baby's heartrate - heartrate has been above 140 the past 2 appointments so that means girl

8. Cravings - I'm craving a little of both but nothing specific. In the beginning it was all carbs: pasta, bread, and citrus fruits = inconclusive

9. Wedding ring test - I got 3 girls, 1 boy, 2 more girls and then my hair snapped. I decided no to try again because I don't want 6+ children! = girl

10. Morning sickness - none to speak of = boy

11. Daddy's weight gain - Dad has not gained any weight but he's giving in to the cravings, not sure what that means exactly = inconclusive

12. Headaches - I was prone to headaches before but they haven't really let up at all = boy

13. Clumsy vs. graceful - I don't think I'm particularly either = inconclusive

14. Nail growth - they're definitely breaking easier than before = girl

15. Moody vs. mellow - definitely moody = girl

16. The Mayan system - mother's age at conception and year of conception were both even = girl

Total tallies:

Boy - 4

Girl - 9

What do you think?


We drove about an hour tonight (to Pottstown) to get an early gender scan. We want to announce to our family when we host Easter on the 21st.

The ultrasound tech said she was 100% sure in what gender she told us. And the baby was verrry active! Arms and legs flying all over the place. :)

We can't wait to tell everyone if they guessed right or wrong!

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