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18+1: The Cold

I started feeling bad around 1pm on Sunday. By the end of my shift at the restaurant I was down for the count. I woke up multiple times through the night to find that Angel had moved to the couch (later I found out it was because of my snoring, oops). I was hot and then cold and my throat was killing me. I could feel the congestion setting into my nose.

Monday, I woke up for work and immediately texted in that I would be staying home. I felt terrible and just couldn't do it after the very little sleep I'd gotten. I then started to feel very hot. I got up and took my temperature and it was 101.2. After googling "safe temperatures for pregnancy", I woke up Angel and told him I would not be going to work and that I was headed to urgent care for my fever. He woke up to drive me and we quickly realized that urgent care only opens at 9am, it was currently 7:30.

I had taken 2 extra strength Tylenols and was feverishly calling the urgent care center and my baby doctor. Meanwhile I was texting my mom and sister in law to see if I could wait it out or not. I finally got through to the doctor around 8am and was transferred to a nurse's voicemail. I got in a warm bath to try to break the fever. At 8:30 it had gone down to 100.4 and I was feeling a bit better. The nurse called me back and told me to see my general doctor, she couldn't do anything.

Very long story short, I went to see my doctor, got tested for the flu (which came back negative) and got 10 days of antibiotics to prevent my cold from turning into a sinus infection (which I feel it inevitably would have).

I went to work Tuesday but stayed home again on Wednesday. Today I'm feeling much better but I can't shake the feeling of worrying about the baby. 102 was the dangerous temperature I found while googling and what if I had reached that while sleeping?

When I woke up this morning I prayed for safety and protection. I prayed for good health and for a sign that the baby was okay. I asked for some extra kicks so that I would know everything was all right in there. Well, God (and baby) delivered. I have been kicked every five minutes or so since the time I arrived at work through the evening. I think the baby is doing fine and we're both on the road to recovery.

God is good! :)

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