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13+5: Our Angel Baby's Due Date

We got to tell Grandma yesterday. She had the flu and wasn't able to make it to our party last weekend. She's hoping that the baby will hold off for a week and be born on the 13th, her birthday. So now all of our immediate family is in on the secret.

I also think I may have felt the first movements yesterday morning. From my research, that is VERY early to feel movement with the first child so I'm not sure what the feeling actually was. (Although for women who are having second or third children, they can feel movement as early as 10 weeks.) I was laying in bed and felt what seemed like a very small muscle spasm deep in my pelvic area. And about 5 minutes later, I felt it again. I'm not sure if it was the baby or something else, but for now I'll take it as a sign that everything is still going well in there.

Today is our angel baby's due date. March 4th. A day we might always remember in silence. And as sad as today is, I'm happy that we had the chance to try again. Happy that we had time to settle into our homes and prepare for a child. Happy that we were able to make it far enough this time to share our joy with our friends and family. Happy that we were blessed with this second little babe growing inside of me. And most of all, happy that we have a God that always gives us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. So today, let's rejoice in the progress we've made and raise our angel up in our hearts.

We enter the second trimester on Wednesday and I just can't believe we're 1/3 of the way through our pregnancy already! I guess I better start reading all those books that I bought.

Our next appointment is 2 weeks from today and I hope to hear another strong and clear heartbeat.

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