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12+3: The Surprise Party

We decorated for a birthday party, picked up our cake, and anxiously waiting for everyone to arrive.

We told everyone that I found out about the party because I saw a text to Angel from Edna.

We all just hung out and ate lunch and spent time together. Then when lunch had wrapped up we went for the cake. We had bought candles in the numbers of our due date to put on top. Angel lit the candles in the laundry room and carried the box out to our dining room.

He said "This isn't a surprise party for Tasha. This is a surprise party for all of you ...................... Tasha's pregnant". The room erupted in screams and surprise! There were lots of tears and lots of hugs and everyone was so happy.

Lala, Lolo, Auntie Kate, and Kiana all said they hope it's a girl. Hope and Faith think we should name the baby "Bella" or "Max".

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