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Harrison Family Session at East Lampeter Park in Lancaster, PA

There are like a lot of kids in this family, haha. But seriously.

This family has meant a lot to me. Scott & Jess were there for some of my strangest and most confusing times of life and were always willing to lend an ear. They are wonderful people and even better listeners. You know, sometimes it's more about listening than it is about offering advice, and they have this trait down.

Anyway, time gets away from us all and I haven't seen them for awhile so of course, I jumped at the chance to photograph their huge family! Jessica told me the last time they had family photos taken was 8 years ago! Aren't we all guilty of this? The years just slip by so fast! I was so excited to update their family album for them.

This session was COLD and sooo windy. Everyone laughed through the chills and was in good spirits but they definitely were not loving it, haha. We ran from spot to spot in a giant huddle, blankets and jackets thrown around each other, sweatpants up and down, on and off. Despite all that, I've never laughed harder on a session to the point where my cheeks were hurting from all the smiling.

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