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Capturing Precious Moments: An Outdoor Newborn Photoshoot with the Schnader Family 

As a family photographer, I have the incredible privilege of witnessing and preserving some of life's most beautiful moments. This fall, I had the joy of capturing the Schnader family at their mini-session and added photos of their surprise pregnancy announcement for their second bundle of joy. 

Excitement filled the air as Amber and Travis embarked on the next chapter together – newborn photos for baby Wyatt. Choosing to shoot outside of their cozy home, we explored the charming landscape next door on Travis's parents' property and family farm, adding a touch of rustic charm to the session. 

Weston, the proud big brother, initially felt a bit nervous in front of the camera. However, with his trusty sidekick "Lamby" by his side, he quickly warmed up, creating heartwarming moments as he posed with his beloved stuffed companion.  

One of the highlights of the session was capturing Weston on his little John Deere tractor, pulling a wagon carrying baby Wyatt. The innocence and genuine joy in Weston's eyes were priceless, and it was a moment that truly encapsulated the essence of their growing family. 

As the golden sun began to set, we transitioned to capturing the Schnaders bathed in warm, soft light. The backyard and family farm served as the perfect backdrop for creating timeless, sun-soaked family portraits. The love and connection between Amber, Travis, Weston, and baby Wyatt were evident in every frame. 

Individual photos with mom and dad provided an opportunity to focus on the unique bond each parent shares with their newest family member. The tenderness in Amber's gaze and the pride in Travis's smile were beautifully preserved, telling a story of love, growth, and unity. 

The Schnader family's session was a delightful blend of candid moments, playful interactions, and the warmth of a close-knit family. It's these genuine connections that make each session unique and special. As a family photographer, I feel privileged to freeze these fleeting moments in time, creating lasting memories for families to cherish for generations to come. 

In capturing the Schnader family's journey, I was reminded once again of the beauty found in the simplicity of genuine moments shared between loved ones. It's these moments that make family photography not just a profession but a heartfelt celebration of life, love, and the joy found in growing together.

Tasha Skye Creative is a family and portrait photographer & graphic designer based in Lancaster County, PA. Capturing authentic people in a bright and bold way. If you're interested in booking a session, please fill out the contact form on my website.

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