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Our Nursery

I've always known that I wanted a celestial/space themed nursery. For a boy or a girl.

When we moved into our house (one year ago!), we determined which room would be the nursery and started to set it up right away. Over the years, I had collected decorations and accents that would fit in our baby's room. So, we set the room up as a kid's playroom until we were ready to announce our growing family.

I have loved the story of The Little Prince for awhile and when the film adaptation came out on Netflix, I was thrilled to fall in love with the story once again. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, I highly recommend them!

"The Little Prince” is one of the bestselling books in the world, ever! This intriguing work has been read, deconstructed and analyzed by millions of people who remain a passionate and devoted audience. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic novel has been translated into +250 languages and dialects. A remarkable 200 million books have been sold worldwide, since first published in 1943. After more than 75 years of continuous publication, the book is now in the public domain throughout the majority of the world.

The story has served as a source of inspiration for me and our nursery. Like I said, I always wanted to do a celestial theme, so The Little Prince allowed me to mix together some things I really love: stars, adventure/travel, foxes (for our sweet Sierra), and roses (which I dried any time Angel got them for me). If you notice, this has been a theme for our pregnancy announcement and baby showers already. I was pretty excited when our first ultrasound came out in a crescent moon shape too!

I chose Behr's Midnight in the Tropics for an accent wall and used that as a jumping point for the other details. I knew I wanted to paint constellations on the wall but I wasn't sure how to get started. I ended up borrowing a projector from a friend but the projector didn't fill the whole wall. So then, I divided the wall into 9 sections and projected each section to paint, one at a time.

Then we just had to arrange and organize the room. We had a lot of items already from my childhood and we got a lot of items used from Facebook Marketplace. The remainder of the items came from our most generous friends and family at our baby showers.

Now with all the final touches added in, we're ready for baby girl to use her room! I just love coming in here to sit and relax.

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