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Tree Farm Winter Mini Session Style Guide

The past few years, Christmas has really snuck up on me. I'm normally the type of person who shops all year long and tries to be nearly finished by the start of December but last year, I was out there with everyone else shopping the week before the big day.

With the hustle and bustle of the season, I decided to offer winter mini sessions at a local Christmas tree farm. These sessions are perfect for your holiday cards and presents for parents and grandparents. I'm a firm believer in no Christmas before Thanksgiving but I also like to get cards out early. So, I'm hosting winter mini sessions at Heritage Tree Farm in Lititz on November 6, 2021. You can sign up for a time slot here.

We will use the trees as our props and you get to decide what look you'd like to have based on your outfits. For every session I do, I send a very detailed style guide. It includes information about what types of clothing compliment the body best, how to coordinate colors with your family, how to accessorize, but also how to prep your children and less than enthused family members. It's so valuable and it's a service I'm so happy to offer.

While I work on adding images to my style guide, I thought I could put together some mood boards for those of you who are visual people like myself. I also have lot of outfit examples on my Client Styling Board on Pinterest.

Here are the top styling tips:

  1. Pick one or two main colors, and one accent color. I suggest using colors that you use when decorating your home, then your photos will match when you hang them up.

  2. Avoid patterns and text, opt for texture and layers. If you want to use a pattern, use only one.

  3. Coordinating, not matching. You want to look cohesive but not in the exact same outfits.

Here are some color and outfit examples:

(All of the images below are from Pinterest, Amazon, Carters, and Baltic Born. I also love the kid's sections at Target and H&M and the men's section at Old Navy. I do not have any affiliation with these companies or websites and do not profit from you shopping there. )

Scroll all the way to the bottom for 2 fun alternative outfit options!


Black and red buffalo plaid with camel brown accessories gives off the perfect classic Christmas vibes.


Dark green with navy blue and camel brown or gray is a nice classic option as well.


I love this combination for winter. Icy teal blues with navy and blush accents. Keeps you looking stylish and cool.


Wine/burgundy with golds and creams. This is such a beautiful twist on the classic red. Adds a little bit of glitz and can be carried through the celebrate of the New Year as well.

And now, for a fun alternative - CHRISTMAS JAMMIES!

I would love to have a family come in their holiday pajamas. I even love how the first photo looks with all different jammies, you don't have to be all matching! You could even bring a thermos of hot cocoa and some mugs and a storybook. Let's get cozy and have some fun!

Better yet, you could come dressed as your favorite holiday movie characters!

And, as always, I'm happy to look at photos of your outfit choices and help you narrow down what will look the best on camera.

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