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moonstone collection
minimonies & elopements

Capture the essence of your intimate love story, tailored exclusively for couples madly in love and seeking a cherished, private celebration of 25 people or less. This package is thoughtfully designed to encapsulate the magic of your special day, ensuring that every fleeting moment is transformed into timeless memories.

moonstone collection

2-3 Hours of Dedicated Service: Immerse yourselves in the joy of the moment with a photographer dedicated to capturing the essence of your elopement. From the ceremony to candid moments, I'm there to document it all.

Ceremony Coverage: Your vows, the exchange of rings, and the magic of the ceremony will be beautifully preserved. I will discreetly capture the intimate details, allowing you to relive the emotional connection shared during this sacred moment.

Couples Portraits: Experience a personalized photoshoot that focuses on the unique connection you share. We'll create stunning portraits that reflect your love story.

Family Portraits: Cherish the presence of your closest loved ones by capturing timeless family portraits. We'll ensure that the warmth and happiness of this intimate gathering are forever frozen in frames, allowing you to treasure these moments with your nearest and dearest.

Custom Album of Precious Memories: Receive a meticulously crafted album that narrates the beautiful story of your elopement. Professionally curated, this tangible keepsake will be a cherished reminder of the love that binds you and the magical day you shared.

Starting at $750, the Moonstone Collection is crafted to provide exceptional value while ensuring that your elopement or minimony of under 25 people is beautifully documented. Additional services, such as extended coverage or destination options, can be tailored to suit your unique preferences.

Embark on this intimate journey with the assurance that I will preserve your love story in a way that transcends time. Connect with me to discuss your vision, and let me be a part of your special day.

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