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How To Change Language In Nba 2k13 From Russian To English 2022




im having problems with language after updated to 2k13. The language in the game is always set to russian. Now i installed 1.3update but its still in russian. im using a french keyboard (so the ctrl, alt, shift, home, end) Im looking for a solution because i dont wanna re-install the game ( i already did it for the last 2 months ) and i'm trying to create a keybinding for the language changed, but i cant find it. I've read a lot of topics on the forum about how to change language but they're all with 1.1b so it's not the same. I'm actually running on Ubuntu 14.04 32bits What should i do? :s Hi,I'm running NBA 2K13 in English (USA), the language in the game is in English and in the settings it says: "Select a language" and in the configuration it says:English, it's all on one screenshot. Try to use the UBUNTU software center to open the software-properties-gtk software.To make sure that you have the right language-settings use the "System Language" section to change the language. Hi again, I did that and it changed the language in the settings, but I didn't see the language in the game yet. It has no changes, like before it says "Select language" but when I click on it nothing happens. I mean, it's like the language wasn't changed, i don't know what to do. I just don't know, is there anyone who knows what to do? because I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 32bits I used the Winebottle website to install the game. The installation was okay. I just clicked on the "Install" button (I'm not sure if it was required but that's what I did), it took a long time, and when I tried to open the game it says: "The requested language has been removed from your system. Please reinstall the game in the game's language." I tried to reinstall in the original language and it won't install. I can't change the language, there's just not any language to choose from. That's what happened to me too. A translation update for the international versions of NBA 2K13 was released today, and it's said to




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How To Change Language In Nba 2k13 From Russian To English 2022

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