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A Wild Anniversary Celebration: The DeHaven Family's Golden Hour Photoshoot at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Stevens, PA

As a family photographer, I have the privilege of capturing special moments and milestones for my clients. Recently, I had the joy of working with the DeHaven family for a unique and heartwarming session at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Stevens, PA. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, as we celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary on Mother's Day at the enchanting golden hour.

Planning the Surprise

Doug, the loving husband and father, reached out to us at the end of 2021 with a heartwarming idea. For their 20th wedding anniversary in February, he wanted to plan a surprise family photoshoot for his wife. To make it extra special, he purchased a gift certificate to present to her during their anniversary dinner. The surprise was a success, and the entire family was eager and excited for their first-ever professional family photos.

Choosing the Perfect Location

The DeHaven family, being avid hunters and nature enthusiasts, wanted a location that held sentimental value. After thoughtful consideration, they settled on Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. This picturesque setting not only reflected their love for the outdoors but also provided a stunning backdrop for capturing timeless memories.

Unexpected Encounters

As a photographer, each session comes with its own set of surprises, and the DeHaven family's shoot was no exception. Upon arriving at the Middle Creek parking lot, I ventured out to scout potential photo spots when I stumbled upon what I thought was a fur hat near a picnic table. To my astonishment, it turned out to be a baby skunk!

A Wild Photo Companion

The skunk, seemingly lifeless at first, surprised us by lifting its head as we approached. Our hearts raced as we kept a watchful eye on the curious creature throughout the entire photo session. There was a moment of panic when the skunk decided to saunter towards our parked cars, adding a touch of unexpected excitement to the shoot. Fortunately, by the end of our session, the little skunk had wandered over the hill, leaving us with a memorable and amusing story to share.

Capturing Moments and Creating Memories

Despite the unexpected wildlife encounter, the DeHaven family's photoshoot at Middle Creek turned out to be a magical experience. Against the backdrop of the golden hour, we captured the genuine love and joy shared by this tight-knit family. From Doug's thoughtful surprise for his wife to the laughter shared over the skunk encounter, every moment added to the richness of their family history.

As a family photographer, I cherish the opportunity to be part of my clients' special moments and celebrations. The DeHaven family's anniversary photoshoot at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area will forever stand out in my memory as a unique and unforgettable experience. It serves as a reminder that amidst the carefully planned moments, life has a way of surprising us, adding an extra layer of magic to our photographic journey.

Tasha Skye Creative is a family and portrait photographer & graphic designer based in Lancaster County, PA. Capturing authentic people in a bright and bold way.

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