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29+6: The Car Crash & 28 week Labs

28+5 (Monday, June 17)

We've had our 28 week appointment made for awhile. Plans to do my one hour glucose test, RhoGAM shot, and TDAP shot. What we didn't have planned was the car accident we'd get into on our way home from work before the appointment.

We dropped off Angel's car in the morning for his state inspection and an oil change. Typically when we drive separate to work, we don't leave work at the same time, but this day we did leave at the same time and I was following Angel home.

We were stopped at a red light when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that the person behind me was very close. In that split second, I realized that he was still moving. The hit didn't feel that hard but when I looked at my dash board, all my server books and pens had been thrown out of their spot and I could hear traffic. I turned around to see that my entire back window was gone.

I worried that my car had been pushed into Angel's so I got out to check the front of the car. Angel was out of his car already. He asked if I was okay and was walking to the person behind me. He told me to call the police, so I did. He dealt with the police and protocol while I focused on catching my breath on the side of the road. He took photos of my vehicle and exchanged insurance information.

The driver had dozed off and woken up just as he was about to crash into me. He was given a field sobriety test and they checked his phone. He was okay but his vehicle was in bad shape, like me and mine.

I called my doctor office because I already had an appointment scheduled. I told them that I felt fine but it had all happened so quickly that I wasn't sure if I had hit my stomach on the steering wheel or not. I just wanted to be checked out to make sure everything was okay. I was told that in the case of a fall or trauma, that we are to go to triage for observation.

After my car was towed from the scene, we drove to our car insurance office to let them know what happened. We then went home to feed the dogs and go to the hospital. When we got to Women's & Babies, I was taken to a desk to answer questions and then sent to a room in the triage department. The nurse hooked me up to monitors and told me that protocol is for us to be observed for 4 hours. They finally went to get Angel after all that so he could be in the room with me. This was around 5:45 pm.

When the midwife came in to speak with us, I told her I was supposed to do my 28 week lab work and one hour glucose test that evening. We may have broken a rule or two but she was able to get me over to the lab for my shot and test.

After, 2 and a half hours of observation, the midwife seemed to think that everything looked good and that we could be released at 3 hours observation. Baby girl was VERY active and consistent on the monitor from the time we got there. We were able to head home at 9pm and finally eat some dinner!

28+6 (Tuesday, June 18)

I got the call that my glucose levels were elevated and I need to come in for the 3 hour test.

29+2 (Friday, June 21)

We picked up a rental car yesterday that we get to use until we hear from the insurance. That's a little bit of a weight off my shoulders.

I got my RhoGAM shot today and sat through my 3 hour glucose test. This time the baby wasn't as wild after the drink and I didn't feel as jittery either. I'm hoping for good news.

I also met another girl taking her 3 hour test who is due with her first little girl two days before us! I'll be interested to see if she ends up delivering at the same time as us.

We went to the towing garage after coming home from my test so I could clear out my personal belongings. They asked if it was okay for them to release my car to the insurance. We haven't heard anything from the insurance at this time (I didn't even know if someone had come to look at it) but it sounds like they're totaling it. I'm pretty sad because I really loved this car but I guess it's time to move on.

29+5 (Monday, June 24)

I got confirmation today that I passed my 3 hour glucose test and do not have gestational diabetes! Yay :)

I'm still waiting to hear from the insurance about what's happening to my car. We're 99.9% sure that my car is being totaled so we're trying to start doing some research on new vehicles. We can't do a whole lot until we find out how much insurance is willing to give me for my vehicle though. If you have any suggestions for reliable and affordable, mid-size SUV's, let us know!

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